Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liliw Getaway

I love unplanned trips because they are the ones that usually push through. Our Liliw Getway was not planned nor  was advised earlier.  We've been planning to go somewhere else but not to Liliw,  and this getaway  happened so fast.  The adventure that I would have missed a big time,  have I said no,  was amazing.  When Joy called me up about the trip,   I had no idea about the place except for a little info I got from the internet.  I  haven't been or seen a  real spring all my life and this was  a chance I don't  think would  happen again, maybe yes,  but  not  soon.

Around  ten in the morning, we were already at Mendiola  residence as our meet up point. Because I was not  really sure of  the travel time,  I prepared a heavy breakfast for my two daughters just in case we caught ourselves  on  the road for a few hours.

 The road to Liliw is very relaxing with mountainous view  on both sides  but  I don't recommend traveling there by night.  You could  find  the houses  kilometers  away  in between and there were no lamp posts along  the road.  I could imagine how scary  it is traveling by night time.     I have no exact  idea on how many hours  it  would take us to reach Liliw  as  I forgot  to google  the road map,  until I saw  few  road signs on how many kilometers away and towns to pass by. 

As we got into the place, the kids couldn't wait to explore the resort.  I  knew  that  we're already  far from the city because my daughter couldn't get a signal from any network.

Staying in a  nipa hut makes me feel nostalgic. There's no Wifi and no TV set  but to be away from  gadget  is something that I really wanted  to happen  for my children to experience how life is it to be  away  from  the internet.   The only place and time where they could feel the  nature with no interruptions even for a while.


The nipa hut where we stayed during the short trip has three rooms but not comfortable enough for children to stay overnight,  for barkadas or group who want adventure,  yes.

We  were already starving when we reached the place and that made the Adobo turned to be the best dish  to our taste bud.  We forgot to bring  utensils but our survival instinct just worked out right and  use disposable cups  as a  serving spoon and ate by  hands.  What's more exciting than that?

The happy meal for  happy eaters.  Eating with the sound of water and cool ambiance was so relaxing and  became more fun eating  with no utensils. 

The kids couldn't wait to dip into a cold water.  The water  was chillin  cold but you  would only feel it in your first dip.  Once you're into the deep,  you wouldn't  feel cold  anymore but  you'll be relaxed otherwise.


Summer  is cool if you spend it in a natural spring.  Other people are rushing to beach and  do some activity under the sun.  Don't  they  know  that  a spring or stream is  exactly  the place meant  for summer?

The water that runs through the river turned crystal-like as it splashed into the  big rocks. Although, a bit slippery,  walking slowly  is manageable. Just don't be clumsy.  You couldn't  dive either because there are  big rocks all along the river.

It was my first time to see a real stream and my kids too. We have a little stream  in our province but the deepest is just below the ankle and I don't really know what to call that, a spring with only a pail  of water and  sometimes even dried up. I envy the lucky  folks  who live here  as they experience the real beauty of nature. 

The experience of seeing the natural water that flows  is amazing. We took the chance of having more  photo ops  and took all the pictures we could get.  I know we wouldn't  have any chance again to visit the place or if we have, it might be another decade  with high hopes that  a spring still provides an abundance of water.

What more could I asked for.  Four hours travel is more than worth for this trip.  The memories we had here will last a lifetime,  a real  treasure to hold  til there  is  a  spring that runs down the river.

Moms enjoyed the water too.  The red and yellow outfit made them stood out  from greenery surrounding.
I wonder how high the water could get  when the flood or storm comes and how many rocks were displaced when big current comes.

I said  goodbye to Liliw Resort  but  the adventure  we  had  was more than words  to say,  simply amazing! A  big thanks to  Mendiola  family  for bringing us to this trip.    It was  another  first,  a  great  experience  to remember.

After few hours of stay,  we concluded not to stay overnight and decided   to move to another resort instead. We headed to Splash Mountain and continue with our  short trip.

Another photo op before leaving Liliw as we rushed to go back to the city  before the sun finally set down.

Up next.. Splash Mountain get away


  1. Wow, A very long post! I admire you for that. Til our next trip...Bagac, Bataan...

  2. Sarap naman ng bonding lagi dyan sis, kakaenvy ang family gathering and events.. ayayayayy!


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