Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Road to Dream

I just finished watching a music video on YouTube and was totally impressed with how the band performed using a certain kind of  instrument. The only dream they wish to happen is to perform live in an international TV show and they made the video as the first move to get noticed.  Spreading the news through clicking "like and share" for their creative video could be the next step to make their dream come true and it could possibly be with support from the fans. They are still looking for more likes and they are asking to please share  in all your  social networking sites. Remember how all the YouTube sensational  made their names today? It all started by posting  their own video and they are now certified international recording artists.

Would they also make it?   Let's wait and see. Nothing is impossible online. I will blog about them as soon as they got an invite to perform in a show.

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