Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I see myself in your eyes

This got me emotional that clouded my eyes.  My sister sent me these photos. Although the pictures appeared blurry which were taken from our  old album, her memories are still vivid and clear to me.  It's been like 24 years...

You were only 45 and would have been 69 this year. I would be skypeing you right now should you still be here with us today, share a lot of pictures of us together, shop, travel and dine. I remember  when I got my first paycheck, we dined together and celebrate my new job.

 I'd tell you how your grandchildren are doing these days and you would be so proud. I have a lot more stories to tell, but then I'd be telling you everything in time when we meet again. Not soon mother.  I don't want my children to experience what I've been through, to face life's struggles without you mother   was hard.  It was really hard.

 I always wish you were beside me in all my failures and achievements. I always longed we're together in it. But then, I always reminded myself, I should be okey because this is how you wanted me to be, a stronger person like you were.

 I never remember a day that you complain or get tired. You were hardworking and never stopped for us. You were an OFW and those years you worked abroad was hard. I knew it. I am a mother now.

Your death brought us down and we grieved for many years. It was the hardest but as life went on, we coped and comforted ourselves and moved on and we're just thankful in those days we have you in our side.

A mother's loss takes a lifetime recovery. I say this because we never stop needing a mother for life. To you mother, you will always be missed, we love you and your memories will be in our hearts forever.

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