Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day Trip at Aquaria Calatagan

It's not just our annual family vacation but also a  tradition  that we simply  cannot break.  Since the start of  summer kicked  in,  we already planned to spend at least three nights in Bolinao or  hit  north beaches. With my too many conditions,   Batangas or  Subic  were the only  options left  on their list.  I probably have the last say because  even if I sent links which they may consider, they just let me decide where to spend our summer trip.  They eventually  agreed in Batangas  and  settled to  Aquaria which is just a three-hour travel from Manila.  I've been to Calatagan many years ago when we  conducted an ocular visit to few of  A-Resorts in Batangas for team building venue and company outing.  I am quite familiar with the road  but after almost 17 years I really couldn't remember anything about the place.

We enjoyed the  long  road trip  as it is very scenic and greenery.  We stopped by at a fruit stand and  bought mangoes and jackfruit before proceeding to Calatagan.

I guess I should stop a wordy intro to the beach resort. My photos will just speak as I tour you around inside Aquaria. 
Upon checking in, we registered in the reception area and the staff  put us a tag  that serves  as our pass around the resort.

Photo opportunity  under the heat of the sun. Imagine how hot the place is at the peak of summer. We came here in the last few days of May when the rainy season almost started to come in.

Okay, this is my recycled outfit from our last summer's Dive and Trek. :)

Entrance fee at the resort is P400 for adult and P200 for child. You don't need to book a reservation. Playa Calatagan residential owners have special rate. Please check it out in their website.

Which SPF to choose?  Kind of confuse?!   Don't forget to bring SPF lotion to protect your skin.

Getting ready  for selfie. 

We rented a large cabana for P1500 and picnic table and chair for P200. We just squeezed  the food in this  table which is only   good for 4 pax.   Jack fruit became the star of the table as  our  neighboring tent campers  gave us  an odd  look like telling  us why we have such food on the beach.
Okay, this is the real food.  What's perfect for beach outing?  Grilled pork marinated overnight. 


My daughter and I walked along the stretch of  shoreline.  And ooh, I love the smell of the sea.  We planned to do some water activities late afternoon when the sun was  not too harsh  for our skin.  Unfortunately, when the sun went down,  the water subsided too.  I suggest that you do water activities  in the morning when the water is still in the high tide state. 

Nevertheless, they enjoyed the pool and the giant slide.

Are these hermit crabs?   There are many of these in the shore. 

The obligatory jump shot!

The groupie.

and the shadow selfie!

I didn't realize that we've been here  16 years ago when it's not yet developed. Only then I  figured out  after seeing the rock formations and when the low tide in the afternoon revealed.  Yes, somewhere here.  We've been here before.   How nostalgic.

Let me segue a bit on the road on our way back home. The two motorists  somehow gave us an unusual view.   I hope they still focus on the road and not on the thrill  of being together.

 We were caught  by the traffic  in the middle of the trip.

 We stopped  by to give way to Santacruzan  happening during the  month of  May. 

We  left  Calatagan  at 5:30pm  and arrived home past 9.

We didn't just take home jack fruit and mangoes but sweet pineapple as well.

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