Thursday, August 28, 2014

Always a Pleasant Suprise!

Such a pleasant surprise waking up on the morning with someone at the gate,  "delivery po, hot pandesal."  And what could be more surprising when a visit is done in the evening when I'm in my pyjamas and  about to sleep?  (no, not about to sleep. I'm a late sleeper and late riser person,  just a dramatic speech)  I hate waking up early  but  as the rules say,  there is always an exemption.. certainly,  you put a smile in my face.  You  always surprise me and I love you to bits.  Mapa-umaga, tanghali at gabi.  This morning is another pandesal-and-coffee day with these beautiful couple who biked their way to my place.  I am amazed with how you spend  and start your day..  a visit and another  way of  sweating out and burning calories.  Such a healthy lifestyle!

Definitely,  another  day to be thankful  for,  having early morning conversation and..

I wish I could join with you  but I am more than happy  that you find time to visit  me  home.   You guys are amazing!

Photo posted here   is recycled.  Today's photo needs some good filter.  :)

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