Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Official Start of Summer Vacation

After a week of hiatus, I am now having some difficulty blogging  and  feel like I am having a blogger's block. Anyways, I am now done with my number one to-do list this summer and that is  enrolling my two children to school.  Thanks to husband who provides us all our financial needs.   Now  I can finally say that today is  where  our  official vacation begins.  I  just started  browsing  destination and landed here at luxury paris vacation rentals.   What a nice getaway and I hope I have all the means to spend even a night here.  It's awesome and affordable vacation that caters all your vacation needs.

So where have we been in the past few days of hibernating? We spent our weekend in Batangas, tour around my home province and attended a very special occasion that happens once a year, our barangay fiesta by which also serves as our family reunion. I wish it happens every month because when I see my siblings, time becomes shorter and we talk like we never see each other for many years  when in fact  we often meet   in  other simple events.
I will blog more later so stay tuned!

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