Monday, April 15, 2013

From My Blog to My Book

At least three new books have been added to my  to-read-list.  I  got  these from a friend  and the other one from a publishing company intended for  a book  review.  I haven't started  reading  any of those  and  just made a quick browse and  no serious reading  yet.

I  might  be on the  blogging world, but I still want to read paper with prints.  I  own  an e-book but nothing compares to hardbound book.  I am thinking now of  printing my blog.  Yes, I have been wanting to do this  for a long time now.   At first I thought it was easy.  I tried to download my blog and print few pages but in the middle of printing,  an error occurred so I stopped. I asked some  help online and I found out   Web To Print Workflow  services.  In this paperless generation, printing is still  the best option  to  preserve  blog or    serve as back  up.   I became paranoid most of the time  when I have a hard time loading my pages in the internet. Now I can order to print my blog and customize the way I want it,   like printing only  the selected posts  that  I  need.

Which do you prefer, digital or real book?   I  want to keep my blog on a book.  There are of course  pros and cons but whatever you prefer, it is the book and the content that give its weight and meaning.

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