Thursday, November 29, 2012

Motorcycle views and more

Many girls find men  appealing  in their   motorbike.  They  think that  men  look  manly  when they  wear  leather jacket,  in complete  gear  and  driving dangerously in curves and slopes.   For men,    motorcycle racing  gives them  adrenalin rush especially for off  road  racing.  The more dangerous they take,  the more fun and challenging  they  get.  

Why do women find men  in motorbike sexy?    I asked a few friends online and each of them responded differently.  I think it really  depends on the bikes and the women seeing it.  Some of  them   find  men sexier in a different way  because  even the not so appealing man  looks  good  to  them  when riding a  high end or luxury motor bike.  Sport bikes usually get  girls  attention.  How many  magazine  cover  did you see that features  a man   riding  a motor bike   while projecting  a sexy look.  Let's face it!  Men  look sexier  in a bike  than in a car,  period.

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