Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Controversial Pose

Before I get into the title of my post,  let me tell you a few words about the latest news in town, a movie to watch and die for,   for the  spectators and fanatic of  The Twilight Saga:   Breaking Dawn Part 2.    I read a lot of  good  reviews about the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 which stars  Robert Pattinson and  his girlfriend   Kristen Stewart (are they really back in each others arms again?)  and the reviews are quite interesting that  captured my interest to  watch the movie although  I am not really a  Twilight fanatic nor part  of  Team  Edward.  

Anyways,  Robert Pattinson  caught my attention when I saw his photo while he was  puffing in a cigarette.  I just don't know  the brand,   maybe  partagas cigars  or sort of.   Many actors smoke during cigarette breaks.  What I don't like is that, they really couldn't  control themselves  and  even pose in a camera with cigars in their hands. They must be very proud of  being  heavy smokers.  Remember the famous  actress who was featured on the cover of  a magazine holding a cigarette in  dramatic black  and white photo?   It  was her  comeback to showbiz industry   and  that  controversial  pose  made her way to become popular again.

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