Sunday, November 20, 2016

HMR Auto Auction

HMR Group operates as 10 business units in the Philippines, each specializing in their respective core operations, from auctioneering to retail a nd recycling
Profit potential does not rely solely on the primary sales points but also exits in the secondary and tertiary channels.
HMR Auctions acts as an alternative channel for profit creation of redundant assets, specializing in purchasing and auctioning of a wide range of end-of-lifeoverstocked, or obsolete items.
Thus, the HMR Auto Auction is basically known of their quality vehicles, from premiere brands up for auction. 
Also, they are known for giving opportunities to the fellow Filipinos.
Moreover, the auctions they organize and execute is diverse and marketed to low income individuals.
As Ms. Sharlene Carman-Powell, Marketing Head of HMR happily shared, "Even tricycle drivers we empower as they buy from us and resell our goods, they are instant businessmen."

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