Sunday, May 11, 2014


Kids love surprising their mothers on Mother’s Day. Some surprise them with portraits of their moms, some give homemade gifts, some even attempt to cook for them.

But few can say that their surprise was their Mother’s Day card printed in a national newspaper for millions to see.

That’s just what Nathan did for his mom, Camille Prats.

Weeks before Mother’s Day, while Camille was busy shooting for her TV series, Nathan visited important people in Camille’s life and asked them to write special messages for his mom.

“I want to make Mommy happy!“ Nathan said when asked about the card. A card of giant proportions, Nathan was able to get messages from his grandparents, his ‘Nongnong’ John Prats, Isabel Oli and sister Mimi.

“Nathan loves surprising his Mom - kahit nga walang occasion.” John Prats, Camille’s brother and Nathan’s ninong, shared. Last year, Nathan surprised his mom with flowers during her talk show.

The card he had signed came out on Mother’s Day in a national newspaper and billboard with the help of Bonakid Pre-School which Nathan is the endorser of.

“When we found out that Nathan wanted to surprise his mom, we wanted to help him make it as special as we could,” Aubrey Inigo, Senior Product Manager of Bonakid Pre-School, said. Together, Nathan and Bonakid Pre-School worked to make this Mother’s Day the happiest day for Camille.

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