Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Getaway at Splash Mountain

After a very relaxing cool  Liliw spring,  we hit the road to Splash Mountain before the sun headed down to west.  The kids jumped to joy as they saw the pool and  slides.  It was our first time at the Splash  Mountain but not to Mendiolables who have been there already for a vacation.   It  was Monday night, a non holiday for the resort  that made the resort  more  peaceful and that became more serene  because the whole second floor  was occupied by nuns  who were there for  summer outing.   They stayed near the pool for dinner and other activities.  Religious songs  like  "Take me out of the dark my Lord"  and "Lift Up your Hands"  were being  heard coming from a  videoke machine from a  place  where  they  stayed in.  A rare sound and ambiance  when you're in a resort  with a different  group of people.   If you zoom-in the photo,  you'd  see  them  at  the gazebo area  having a chillin time.

The  kids enjoyed  playing and swimming in a hot spring   while for an adult like me,  it served as my full therapeutic treatment.  It became  hydrothermal therapy for my musculoskeletal problems and joint pain.   I dipped  myself  into the pool, only half body,  trying to protect my  damaged rebonded hair  not to get wet with chlorinated water.  Ouch, haha.  Oh,  I am not sure if the hot spring is chlorinated by the way because I  I didn't smell it.  I just  wanted to protect also my hair  from  warm water that could damage my hair.


Captured the above moment while my kids were trying to get their Ate Bangs into the water. They call my older daughter  with this name, as she looks like their cousin  with a  name, "Bangs."

After a tiring day at Liliw and a late night swim at the Splash Mountain, we had a sound sleep at the hotel which gave us a very refreshing morning the next day.  The time is ours and enjoyed it like it just stopped. 

The kids enjoyed the continental breakfast  while the left over Adobo from Liliw  served as our  meal,  I meant, brunch.  The staff  were kind  enough to microwave  the Adobo and it was  still  yummy after all.  Now, this is what we call, the national dish.
Here is the photo of the Adobo that we  feasted  for  four  consecutive meals.
Yummy Adobo! 


 Juan who looked very happy,  always  finds joy at the water, a clear evident  why he's being called a water baby by his mom and dad.  Early morning scene  trying to convince  my older daughter to swim.  

The view from the room where we stayed.  You could see the white mansion where the owner stays, simply relaxing! 

The kids having their playing time inside the hotel room.

Bedtime photo.  Juan tried to make a wacky pose. You are so cute  Juan!  They played  "Lupa, Langit" while we were downstairs having our therapeutic treatment at the hot spring.  I realized  that my daughter who is turning fourteen is still a kid  who still wants to play and join in the kids' game.    


Photo ops before leaving Oasis Hotel of  Splash Mountain.


Another photo op before hitting the road back to Manila.   Nothing can be more joyous  than  these smiles while  the sun's shining brightly  at summer.  


  1. Looking great guys, would love to have fun too in a beautiful place like that!

  2. seems like a really GREAT place!

  3. uy sarap naman nito!! inggit much!!! matanong ko lang sinu nagluto ng adobo? gusto ko ng ganyang style ng adobo...panu gagawin dyan? enge recipe? mga ank ko kasi laging chicke adobo at may sabay ang gusto :P


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