Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's Party!

Hurray! There's a party in the blogworld! Jes will celebrate her 30th birthday and she wants to celebrate her birthday by throwing a big party to all bloggers. I remember the most memorable birthday I ever had. That was when I turned 18. There's no food and no celebration and that makes a memorable one for me. It's not too late right? I can still celebrate my 18th just like Mommy Dionisia. I hope that there's another Manny Pacquiao who will sponsor my birthday too. Why don't you join the celebration with us. Head over now to the host of party, Me, Myself and Jes for the mechanics. Prizes await the lucky winners.


Jes' 30th Birthday wouldn't be possible without the following sponsors:

*Occasions of Joy*New Home Sweet Home*My Little Angels in America*Kitchen Explorers*Mamee and Me Fashion*The Wonderlusts*Hobby Lovey*

*Flakes and Nuts*Pink Memoirs*Life According To Me* Corsame Lane*Delight my Appetite*I Love Darly*Kerslyn's Comfort Zone*Random Thoughts**Treasure Box*Zowanderer*

* Rabago Family Escapade*Pink Fortune*

* Little Yzzy*Kizuna*Nshima Servings*One Proud Momma*My So-Called Life*Little Zoie's Steps*From Asia and Beyond*My Oweinilife*A Heart Full of Love*Written by Mys* Buzz Online*A Wife's Dream Nest*One Proud Mommy*Sitback and Relax*Certified Photo Addict*Loose It Up*

My So-Called World*Levyousa*Pensive Thoughts*Home Buddies* I Love Hues*The Life Encounters*Music, Movies, Stars Etc.*Jared's Little Corner*Mum Writes*Oh Gosh Gulay*Filipina Blogger*Mom Writes*Kitchen*The Tottering Mama*


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