Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Time Meme

The author of New Home Sweet Home will host a new meme "Family Time" which will start this Monday. Weekend time is Family Time. So please join as the author shares her weekend family time in her new home. Yay, I'm excited to join and share our weekend too.

The rules are simple. Post your weekend time with family every Monday, put the Family Time badge, link the post and don't forget to visit other Family Time entries too. Please click the badge below and visit her site now. Happy Family Time!


  1. hi sis Nora, ito ba yung kay Jes?

    BTW, thank you so much sa link. In return, I will add all your blog in my blog roll :)

    Sulitin ang PR4 habang andyan :)

  2. Nasan na ang post mo momsie? heheh.. join ako dyan ofcorz pag may time.

  3. hmmm.. good luck to your meme, girl! looking forward to read more of family time..

  4. ayay!dami na talaga meme sa blog land...ehehehe!

  5. i'm on the process of adding links, and i like your site and thought of adding it on my blogroll, if u have time check it out, adding me too is appreciated. have a nice day!

  6. Woi join ako dito,eto yong inaantay ko na meme at least makapag share ako ng family time namin hehehe.


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